Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ray surprised me with the flash of a camera this week. We have been working on renovating the bookcases.
On one of our nicer days this week Ray worked outside on some siding issues that needed attention.Then since he was already up on the roof he cleaned the gutters. He makes it look like fun.

Ray created a new winter lawn ornament!

Saturday morning I started hauling down books. Even though the glass doors are still in the renovation stage. I couldn't wait to get the books out of the boxes and on the shelves!!

Our charming little bungalow is rather short on storage space as you can see. Two weeks ago I cleaned and painted this little closet and was prepared to find away to make it work. Then while Ray was in the attic he realized that behind the back wall of this closet is a large unfinished area that we could enlarge. Yeah !!! I won't have to make do with the smaller space after all. So when the weather warms up a bit we will tackle yet another new project.

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  1. Cleaning gutters IS fun, so why would Ray need to make it look like it is fun ;)